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About Warehouse

Prepare for an unforgettable experience in an authentic and eccentric structure located in Cesme’s most central and glamorous area; a hot hotel with a cool pool and a private beach.

The Stay Warehouse, borrowing its name from the original purpose of the property in the 80s, welcomes its guests with 24 stylish rooms that offer a peaceful retreat in a lush garden and a gorgeous pool – just meters away from the neighborhood’s buzzing venues and boutiques.

The hotel also provides exclusive access to beach club Plage Isolée – relax on the private deck designated for The Stay Warehouse guests and enjoy chill out tunes, turquoise waters and hotel comforts in a serene and sheltered bay located just a few minutes from your room.

We offer our guests a vacation during which even their transportation needs are taken care of, both for their transfers to and from the airport, and during their stay at our hotel. We can arrange for a private airport transfer so that you can start enjoying the comforts of The Stay even before you arrive at our hotel. We also provide our guests a free-of-charge private shuttle service within Alacati center and Plage Isolee. 

Featuring an inspiring outdoor swimming pool, a multipurpose common area and an extensive arts and architecture library, the Stay Warehouse brings an artful approach to hospitality with a curated cultural program that includes music and theatre performances, culinary workshops and collaborations with exhibitions and film festivals. Alacati’s crystal clear beaches that boast premium weather for windsurfing and water sports are also just a few meters away.

In line with our environmentally conscious approach, not a single tree was cut during the construction of our property, with renovation materials produced from the recycled wood, bricks and glass of centenarian village houses from Anatolia and the Northern coast of Turkey, to achieve a rustic yet modern interior in an industrial space.

Take shade under the thousand-year-old olive tree, as you flip through an inspiring book and reboot in this unique and soulful hideaway designed to provide you with an exhilarating experience that you will want to return to time and time again.