Carbon Neutrality

We believe that responsible hospitality and sustainable practices can coexist with luxury and guest comfort. By embracing our sustainability philosophy, we aim to provide a memorable and environmentally conscious experience for our guests while actively contributing to the preservation of our planet. In line with our group’s sustainability values at The Stay Hotel’s, we are committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and fostering a philosophy of environmental responsibility. We believe that sustainability is not just a trend but a fundamental principle that guides our operations and guest experience.


Carbon Neutral 

In 2020, The Stay Hotel has become the first carbon neutral boutique hotel chain in Turkey.

We are committed to contributing to the fight against climate change with the aim to mitigate emissions, increase renewable energy use and balance out remaining emissions. 

At the heart of our vision and values sustainability plays a significant role. We believe that hospitality can coexist harmoniously with the well-being of our planet and communities. We are continuously working to improve our energy efficiency, renewable energy use, water conservation, waste minimization and sustainable procurement.

Our key initiatives are supported by a set of policies and measurable targets, all in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainable Design & Construction

We utilized eco-friendly local building materials, we will be using the recycled woods from the old Anatolian houses from Black Sea Region in Turkey, incorporated energy-efficient systems, and employed sustainable construction practices. The overall design maximizes natural lighting and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, while also integrating green spaces and native plants to enhance biodiversity.


Responsible Waste Management

We carefully manage our resources to minimize waste and promote efficiency. This involves implementing smart technology for monitoring and controlling energy and water consumption, a heating system that works with thermal waters, utilizing sustainable and locally sourced materials, and partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. We also engage in responsible waste management, recycling, and composting practices. 


Responsible Resource Management

We believe in actively engaging and supporting the local community. We prioritize employing local staff, sourcing local products and services, and collaborating with nearby businesses and organizations to promote sustainable tourism practices. We strive to provide opportunities for cultural exchange, support local artisans, and contribute to the economic development of the community.


Sustainable Dining

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our dining experiences. We prioritize locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients to support local farmers and minimize the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. We promote vegetarian and plant-based options, and strive to reduce food waste through careful planning, portion control, and creative menu offerings.


Social Responsibility

We actively engage with the local community, fostering partnerships and supporting local initiatives. We also contribute to community development projects, cultural preservation, and education programs.


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